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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Been away from work for the past week… Back again today! Let me tell you what I got up to… For some reason, I’ve always wanted to see the famous Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Maybe it’s because I have a secret fascination of being a treasure hunter or maybe it’s because, Angelina Jolie … Continue reading

Strange and Beautiful…

Over the weekend, I had the chance to see some of Malaysia which I had never seen before… All this beauty within a few hours from the concrete jungle I live & work in. I had brought my camera & by chance happened to stumble upon an idea. I’m not a film maker, or an editor… … Continue reading

Discounts & Vouchers!

I just got a discount voucher for Chatime from Maxis! Awesome! If you can get something at a discount – why bother paying full price ah? LOL! How did I find this voucher? Well, from the Maxis Rewards App at the iTunes Store. A free download that allows you to check your account info & … Continue reading

Twilight: Breaking… Queue!

Sometime ago, I spent nearly an hour queuing for tickets to watch Twilight ‘Breaking Dawn’. By the time I reached the front of the line? I seriously did not feel like watching the movie anymore… After checking out Edward & Bella’s wedding & watching Jacob ‘imprint’ onto someone else… I got a call from a … Continue reading

Hitz Birthday Invasion

So recently we celebrated 15 years of invading Malaysia by throwing you a party! If you went, thank you so much for being there with us. If you didn’t… Well, you missed out! We had: Oh Chentaku, Salam, Jason Lo, The Azenders, Kyoto Protocol, K-Town Clan, One Buck Short, Dragon Red, Hujan, Mizz Nina, Kartel … Continue reading

No more waiting…

OK, so for my last blog post I updated via the Maxis Roam App whilst on my travels in Jakarta. As soon as I got home, I decided to check out the other apps Maxis have in the iTunes Store. There’s more! Just downloaded the Maxis Customer Service App. I don’t know if I’m alone … Continue reading

“Bromance” with Nita

So JJ & Ean made a video for Valentines about ‘Bromance’. The signs that your taking your relationship (with your male best friend) a little too seriously… Nita & I decided to make a video in response to it. Stuff that guys do, with their best friends, which could be considered quite… Well, Girly? Cute? Oh… … Continue reading

Greetings from JKT!

Decided to take a short trip over the weekend – Hello from Jakarta! Jakarta seems to be the land of… Traffic jams! ‘Machettt’ is what they call it here. Bumper-to-bumper no matter what time you decide to travel anywhere! I’m now stuck in traffic on the way to (what my friend has told me) a … Continue reading

Foster the People Live in KL

2 weekends ago, we had Mark, Cubbie & Mark in town for a sold-out concert at the KL Convention Centre. If you missed out, I did Tweet Live via Twitter – hope you got the chance to catch it! Anyways, the venue was sooo packed! Rica (from Hitz KK) & I were the hosts for … Continue reading

Hitz FaceBook 6

Ok so, besides staying healthy, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to blog a little more. The last time I did, was more than 6 months ago!? So here we go, to more blogging in the Year 2012!!! Let’s start with a feature on the Drive Thru called the Hitz FB6. Here’s how it … Continue reading

Just a few days till…

The Hitz Birthday Invasion!February 25th, 2012
Stadium Putra, Bkt Jalil - Everyone's invited!