Hitz Birthday Invasion

So recently we celebrated 15 years of invading Malaysia by throwing you a party!

If you went, thank you so much for being there with us. If you didn’t… Well, you missed out! We had: Oh Chentaku, Salam, Jason Lo, The Azenders, Kyoto Protocol, K-Town Clan, One Buck Short, Dragon Red, Hujan, Mizz Nina, Kartel & The Jakeman & Skeletor play live, all in 1 night! Photos are up at fb.hitz.fm if you want to check out the artists.

I sound a little like a parrot repeating ‘Say Hi!’ But anyways… Here’s a TwitCast if you want to check out what the atmosphere was like at the venue: *click*

I’ll share some photos you might not have seen on our FB page…

We had our Cruisers work so hard on the day. They’re normally the 1st to arrive & last to leave for every event. It’s awesome how they can still smile & laugh after working for more than 12hrs straight! They’re amazing!

If you couldn’t make it, we had a live stream backstage… The hosts? Our East Malaysia (Kuching & KK) announcers Rica & Meng:

I particularly like this photo I got of Ean & Nadhira performing ‘Hitam Kuning’

And… Here’s our Boss: Brian/B-Rock/Brian-Machine/Skanter (he’s got so many names!) He rocked out & emcee-d for Jakeman & Skeletor with Moots on stage. It’s kinda cool how our bosses know how to partaaay!!!

And last, but not least… Here’s half of the Hitz team! On behalf of all of us, thank you so much for being a part of #HitzInvasion



2 thoughts on “Hitz Birthday Invasion

  1. Sweetness =D

    It was a blast being there

    Posted by Serge Norguard | February 29, 2012, 10:36 AM

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Just a few days till…

The Hitz Birthday Invasion!February 25th, 2012
Stadium Putra, Bkt Jalil - Everyone's invited!
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