In my spare time…

So for most of my blog posts, I’ve been putting up things to do with work. For this one, I thought I’d share with you another something I like doing when I have some extra hours in a day/week or month.

Now, if I weren’t speaking every day on the radio, I’d probably not be doing anything along the lines of what I do now. In fact, if I had gone back to finish my degree 6 years ago, I’d most probably be an architect, or at least an interior designer, or a designer of some sort.

I think I inherited my love for colour & composition from my mother. When I was young, she used to help me with school art & craft projects (in fact, I think she enjoyed that more than teaching me Maths or English, because she always seemed to shout at me when I couldn’t give her the right answer to a so called ‘easy question’) and I always seemed to enjoy my time with her doing that, than anything else.

It wasn’t until I took Art & Design Technology in Secondary school (only because I didn’t have to write anything – yes, I was that lazy) and was given an A* for drawing an aboriginal gecko that it dawned upon myself that I actually might be OK, creatively.

Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t draw you, paint scenery or cut off my ear like Van Gogh, but I think I do pretty well with shapes & colours. Well, that’s just my opinion… I value yours as well, so here’s a painting (on canvas) of Jimi Hendrix I did for a good friend about 2 years ago, it’s not the best but I think I did OK? :)




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