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In my spare time…

So for most of my blog posts, I’ve been putting up things to do with work. For this one, I thought I’d share with you another something I like doing when I have some extra hours in a day/week or month. Now, if I weren’t speaking every day on the radio, I’d probably not be … Continue reading

Secondhand Serenade on the Drive Thru

John Vesely & the rest of his band members came to visit the studio last week before their performance at the Bentley Auditorium in KL. To be honest, I really didn’t expect them at all, until Moots announced that they were in the office. Now, I hardly get any visitors on the Drive Thru so … Continue reading

G.Na on the Drive Thru

So a couple of days ago, I got the chance to speak with G.Na the Korean artist who’s in town for K-Pop 2011. Check out the video if you missed it On-Air & if you made it to concert, hope you had fun! *EDIT* Fast forward to 2.15 to hear who G.Na would like to … Continue reading

Just a few days till…

The Hitz Birthday Invasion!February 25th, 2012
Stadium Putra, Bkt Jalil - Everyone's invited!